The New 52 Round-up: Month One

I'm not going to lie, when I first heard that DC were rebooting everything, I was like "what the hell!? Batman has been running for donkeys years, I've got the majority of issues from #400 onwards and they're starting back at number one now??" I wasn't best pleased to say the least. I was wondering what would happen to continuity and what characters would merely disappear due to the reboot...

Luckily, I wasn't hit too hard with some of my favourite characters (such as Red Hood and Damian Wayne's Robin) still being included in continuity. I'm glad they didn't start right from the beginning all over again, that would have sucked!

Anyways, by September, I had my pull list sorted, it went a little like this:

Batman and Robin
Detective Comics
Red Hood and The Outlaws
Action Comics
Green Lantern
Green Arrow
The Flash

And for my girlfriend:

Birds of Prey
Suicide Squad
Justice League Dark

Right from the get go, First week, I had Action, Detective and Green Arrow to read. I read these whilst my girlfriend was in hospital due to give birth to our son, Damian (I wonder where that name came from...heh.) I really enjoyed reading Action, I will admit now, it was my first time reading a Superman title. I loved it. Grant Morrison's take on the early years of Superman will surely flourish in later months, from the first issue it had me hooked and it was definitely going to be something I would keep buying.

Now to Detective... I really enjoyed that too! I think Tony S Daniel is a great writer and also a great artist, his work toward the end of the last series of Batman was great, and its continued in Detective after the reboot. Another title still on the list.

Green Arrow. God damn Green Arrow. I don't mean to be harsh, but it was terrible. The story wasn't all that good, and the character was no longer the character I'd enjoyed in previous series. The decision to drop this was made immediately after I finished the last page. DC obviously felt the same as JT Krul has since been replaced on the series.

The rest of the titles I ordered, impressed the hell out of me. Especially Aquaman and Flash, two books I thought would be dropped from my list after reading, but I didn't! And I'm glad. Aquaman was probably my favourite book of the whole reboot, the story was great, Geoff johns' really made a point of sort of saying "hey, I know I'm Aquaman but just give me a chance, I can do a whole mess of awesomeness." the art in that book is also amazing, Reis is so awesome on anything he does, he's probably one of the best artists around today!

To conclude... I really was surprised by the quality of the reboot and how great it really was for comics in general. My only regret would be not collecting more titles (really should have got Justice League) because I bet there are a lot of great titles I haven't read...

I'd love to read them all, but until I win the lottery I guess it's not going to happen!

Keep buying and enjoying comics,

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