"Judge Dredd Vs Zombies" Review

Like any other day, I checked twitter this morning and found that 2000AD/Rebellion had released a game for the iPhone and iPad entitled "Judge Dredd VS Zombies". As soon as I got a free minute, I headed over to the apple app store and expected to download a free trial of it, but no dice.

I then expected to have to splash out on the game like some other iPhone comic character titles that come out... But I didn't have to, it was 69 English pence. 69p for it! Amazing.

So, after learning the price I downloaded it immediately, and I was not disappointed. It plays kind of like smash TV (c'mon you remember smash TV right? On the SNES?) but with Dredd thrown into the mix. There are loads of levels to play through and it can get quite hectic at times, where I am at the minute, there's these "left for dead" boomer-esque guys that explode near you and completely nail your health bar. Madness! It has a weapons upgrade system also, which gives it even more playability.

My only grumble about the game (well, to be fair, not only this game but iPhone games in general) is the controls. The screen is easily obscured by your thumbs when playing, making it hard to tell how close the zombies are to eating your brains... This however, may not matter if you're playing on an iPad... Yeah, for the best possible experience of the game, play it on the iPad (I've been bashing it out on an iPhone.)

Overall, it's a very enjoyable and time occupying game. A must for any Judge Dredd fan, hell, a must for anyone who appreciates quality iPhone/iPad games.

Get it, creep.
"Judge Dredd Vs Zombies" Review "Judge Dredd Vs Zombies" Review Reviewed by Chris Tresson on 20:05:00 Rating: 5
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