My Eagle Award Nominees...

Here are my nominations for the Eagle Awards! I was going to write why I voted for who/what I voted for but there's not really much point as the main reason is they are all brilliant! So here goes:

Favourite Newcomer Writer: Al Ewing

Favourite Newcomer Artist: Rob Davis

Favourite Writer: Grant Morrison

Favourite Writer/Artist: Francis Manapul

Favourite Artist: Pencils: Frank Quitely

Favourite Artist: Inks: Henry Flint

Favourite Artist: Fully-Painted Artwork: J.H. Williams III

Favourite Colourist: Dave Stewart

Favourite Letterer: Simon Bowland

Favourite Editor: Matt Smith

Favourite Publisher: Rebellion

Favourite American Comicbook: Colour: Daredevil

Favourite American Comicbook: Black and White: Walking Dead

Favourite British Comicbook: Colour: 2000ad

Favourite British Comicbook: Black and White: Zarjaz

Favourite New Comicbook: Daredevil

Favourite Manga: No Answer

Favourite European Comicbook: Zenith by Grant Morrison

Favourite Web-Based Comic: Hark! A Vagrant

Favourite 2011 Single Story: Judge Dredd - Choose Your Own Xmas

Favourite 2011 Continued Story: Batman: The Black Mirror

Favourite 2011 Cover: Detective Comics #880

Favourite 2011 Original Graphic Novel: 2000ad Prog 2012

Favourite 2011 Reprint Compilation: The Black Mirror

Favourite Comics-Related Book: Supergods

Favourite Comics-Related Movie or TV Show: Walking Dead

Favourite Comics-Related Website: Bleeding Cool

Favourite Magazine about
Comics: No Answer

Roll of Honour: Frank Quietly
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