Hello, dear reader...
As you've probably guessed from the title,
I'm looking for artists to collaborate with me.
I've tried to say what I want, need and what I can do for you in the text below.
Have a read.
Enjoy yourself.
See you at the bottom.

What kind of comic I’m trying to create
I have a number of comic projects that I would be willing to collaborate on. Multiple story ideas which explore various genres (Horror, Humor, Sci-Fi, Crime, et cetera.) Which one we work on together will depend on your art style and which of the projects I think best suits your style. 

What I need
I need an artist who’s confident in what they produce. Any art style is a go here because of the different projects I have. If you can ink/know an inker that would be great also. I may also require a colorist depending on whether or not the project we work on requires color.
An understanding of the craft and sequential art is a must. I've had people interested before who can draw pin-ups fairly confidently, but when it comes to the sequential, it’s been lacking. So, I’m basically looking for a confident, motivated and skillful artist to work with. That’s the long and short of it.
What’s in it for you?
in the beginning, nothing. But I will promise you this: Once you commit to the project and we begin to submit to publishers, we will submit as co-creators of the project. You will have an equal share in ownership of the project and any money made will be split equally between the creative team on the book. So, if you draw it and we get to a stage where we are submitting it to publishers, you will be given co-ownership of the characters and the book.

If we fail to get it published, we will use Kickstarter to get the book out. You’ll still get co-ownership this way.

I think the most important thing here isn't getting a shit ton of money for the book, it’s getting your name out there, in print. That to me will be better than any monetary rewards because it will help establish us as comic industry people and might lead to work being offered from other comic companies.

Why you should collaborate with me
I’m passionate about comics and seeing talent people get recognition for their work. I've got stories I want to tell and you probably have art you want people to see, so why don’t we put it all together and create something. I want to make a comic, a successful comic and I bet you do too. It would be fun and (I think) a great opportunity.

By collaborating with me, you wouldn't just getting a guy who writes stories that go with pictures, you’d be getting a friend FOR LIFE.

What now?
If you are interested in collaborating with me, please e-mail me at:

...Or connect with me on Facebook:

...Or on Twitter:

Please provide any art (preferably sequential) samples you have, or links to art you have done. You do not need to be a professional to contact me, just be confident and willing to collaborate!

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Chris Tresson.

Samples of my script writing can be found HERE. These are old sample scripts which were sent as part of Top Cow's Talent Hunt 2012, I have put a link here so that you don't have to fumble through the blog to find them. Feel free to leave feedback!
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