WRITING COMICS: The Journey to Print (So Far...) [UPDATED!]

I've decided to post a chronological list of my journey to print thus far in 2013. My stories are currently awaiting artists, but I just wanted to give people an idea of the process. I will be posting again once I get word on artists. Until then, here's how it's gone so far. Bear in mind that not everyone has the same path to print, this is just my version. Enjoy!

February 15th 2013:
Notified that I hadn't won Top Cow Comics' Talent Hunt 2012. Tell the people who follow my Facebook page that, “I refuse to spend this year pissing in the wind.”

February 16th 2013:
Begin writing short stories to send to British small press publisher, FutureQuake Press.

February 23rd 2013:
The first of many pitches in 2013 gets sent.

February 25th 2013:
I write a pitch based on a dream I had the previous night and submit it. It is read the same day and they like the idea, it just needs changing a bit. I smell the blood in the water and begin to spit out version after version of the pitch.

February 26th 2013:
Both the first pitch and the dream based pitch are denied. The dream pitch has been changed so much that it makes even less sense than when originally conceived. I do consider this the first success however, as it gave me the confidence that I needed to believe I might actually be able to do this.

March 5th 2013:
Wrote the pitch for “Greed and Other Human Compulsions” and sent it in.

March 8th 2013:
The pitch for “Greed and Other Human Compulsions” is accepted with only minor changes. Asked to write a script.

March 13th 2013:
script for first story is received and sits on a submissions pile waiting to be read.

June 16th 2013:
I pitch another short story, “I Only Have Eyes For You”.

June 21st 2013:
Pitch for “I Only Have Eyes For You” is accepted, asked if I can do it in two pages.

June 24th 2013:
I Only Have Eyes For You” is received and read the same day. Asked to redraft it. I was trying to still tell the story from the original pitch, which was impossible to do in two pages. I trim the fat and leave the bare bones. I also renamed the story.

June 26th 2013:
Greed and Other Human Compulsions” is read and needs a redraft. Both stories are redrafted in the same night and sent back.

June 28th 2013:
Both scripts are accepted and awaiting artists.

November 10th 2013:
Sent the pitch for a Sci-Fi story to FutureQuake.

November 11th 2013:
Sci-Fi pitch is accepted, it's the first of the many sci-fi stories I've pitched to get accepted. Asked for a script.

November 16th 2013:
Finished first draft of Sci-Fi story and sent it to FQP.

I’ll leave you with this picture.

Take it easy.
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