I Need A Comic Book Artist.

Hello there! 

If you're reading this you have probably clicked a link through one of my various social media
accounts, thank you for doing that.

I'm writing this because I need an artist (or two) to draw a story (or two) for me. You see, I
currently have two short stories waiting in the wings at the mighty FutureQuake Press, a small
press Sci-Fi and Horror powerhouse which produces Anthologies in both genres (FutureQuake
and Something Wicked). I have one of each, and they both need art right now...

The Sci-Fi story is 5 pages and involves time travel. That's pretty much all I can say without
giving the story away. This one will be printed in FutureQuake.

The Horror story is 2 pages, this one is about following a woman in to her home after a date and
getting more than you bargained for... Has a slightly sadistic sexual undertone, nothing graphic.
More of a Hitchcockian suggestion of sexual sadism... This one will be printed in Something Wicked.

So... Those are the two stories that are available right now. Shaun Speight is currently working
on another one for Something Wicked, which was the first story I had accepted by FutureQuake

Right then. If you are a confident, aspiring comic artist and feel like you could be the man/woman
for the job, please contact me via Facebook, Twitter or my email: ctresson@me.com.
Alternatively, email: futurequake.comic@gmail.com and let them know you want to draw one
of the stories.

This is a great opportunity for any comic artist who needs some published work in their
portfolio, the stories will be getting published, they just need an artist to draw them! Also, you
will get a copy of the book for contributing or a PDF of the book if you are outside of the UK,
once it is published.

Thank you for reading this, if you have any questions, feel free to tweet me or Facebook message

More info on FutureQuake:
Wikipedia Page
FutureQuake Blog
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