Comic Writing Progress Report: An Update

Great news today! 

As you may already know, the incredible Shaun Speight is currently drawing a five page story I wrote for FutureQuake Press' Something Wicked title... Now, I also have the tremendous Darren Stephens drawing my two page horror strip! Darren was kind enough to undertake the task after I contacted him and asked him if he would do like to do it. Then he read the script and still said yes! That's incredible!

A taste of Darren Stephens' art
(See what I did there?)
Darren has some impressive credits to his name: a Judge Hershey story in a Judge Dredd Mega-Special with Robbie Morrison, co-creator of 2000 AD's Nikolai Dante ('kinell!) a strip in Red Dwarf Magazine, some colour work in Sonic the Hedgehog and a Tharg's Future Shocks for 2000 AD. More recently he's done strips for Dr WTF?!, The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel and Omnivistascope.

I am honored to be working with someone of his skill and experience, we both like the story and I'm sure it will all turn out great! 

So... That means that I only have my five page sci-fi story for FutureQuake left to find an artist for. Exciting stuff. Can't wait to see both of these stories when they hit print. I feel I've been very lucky with these guys and their art, they're both brilliant artists with crazy-awesome art styles.

Shaun's art for the Titan Comics comp!
On a side note, Mr Speight and I have another story in progress for the Titan Comics competition which is running in conjunction with The Lakes International Comic Art Festival. The theme for that one being "Lost in Space". The dialogue for that one needs a polish, Shaun has started drawing it already. We have until 30th July to finish that...

And... I have a couple more stories I hope will find homes at different small press publishers that are in script stages, and another thing that I'll be finishing off tomorrow which needs the script done fairly soon(ish) if it's to be accepted before the deadline for... this thing.

AND... Remember, if you'd like to draw that sci-fi story I have left with FutureQuake Press, drop me a message on Facebook or Twitter. You can also email me at if you want to! I suggest you go follow Shaun and Darren on Twitter to see more of their art as they go. You can also follow Shaun's progress on his new Facebook page

That's enough from me... 
Take it easy and have a great weekend!
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