In Search Of Colour!

I'm in need of a comic book colorist! 

The cover for
British Showcase Anthology Vol.1
It's for an eight page story I have written called The Heathen Masses, a horror story which will be published by Markosia in the second volume of their British Showcase Anthology title. The anthology will be collected in a trade paperback (possibly a hardcover as well, not too sure!) once it is completed and it will be released sometime towards the end of the year. 

The only rub... There's no cash for it (if there is, no one has told me!) but this will  be making the rounds at UK comic conventions next year, which is good exposure if you're just starting out (like myself) and I'm sure you'll get a comp copy 
or two of the finished book.

The creative team for this story is myself, Shaun Speight on art duties and Dave Evans (Bolt-01) from FutureQuake Press doing the lettering.

The deadline for the strip is October 1st this year, we'll probably try to do it a page at a time to make sure it gets finished by that deadline. If you're interested in coloring Mr Speight's art, please do get in touch via Facebook, Twitter or email. I will happily send you the script to look over if you are considering it!

AND... You do not need to be British to take part, despite the title. So international colorists are welcome! 


You can check out/buy the first volume of Markosia's British Showcase Anthology HERE.
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