Update: 09.06.2014

Today is a good day.

I've received a commissioning email for my last outstanding script at FutureQuake Press. It now has an artist attached and that artist is Chicago-based illustrator Miguel "Ech" Echemendia. Miguel will be drawing the science fiction five-pager I wrote (which is called In Intellectual Era) for FQP's flagship title FutureQuake. I'm very excited about this one, it'll be my first story for the title and also my first collaboration with an artist from outside of the UK. Miguel has an excellent style and I'm thinking it will work really well with story we're telling. You can take a look at Miguel's art on his Facebook page,
visit his website and you can also follow him on Twitter if you like.

So... that's Shaun Speight drawing Greed and Other Human Compunctions for Something Wicked, Darren Stephens drawing Dinner Date for Something Wicked and Miguel Echemendia drawing In Intellectual Era for FutureQuake. That's all of my FQP stories sown up... for now. I will be looking to contribute a few more before I'm done.

Outside of FQP, I've still got the Titan Comics/Lakes International Comic Art Festival competition I wrote which Shaun (Speight) is drawing. I recently submitted something somewhere else but I'm being hush hush about that one because there's been no reply to the submission yet... Scripts in various stages for different British small press outlets and I think I'll take a crack at 2000 AD some point soon, depending on what goodies happen to fall out of my brain in the near future...

Take it easy! 
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