I Need an Artist Urgently! Be a Hero!! [UPDATED]

UPDATED: I've sorted it now! Thanks for all the interest and for sharing!

Hi Guys!

I am in need of an artist for the story I wrote for the second volume of Markosia's British Showcase Anthology! The book will be published as a paperback (maybe hardback?) with several other writers and artists taking part!

If you're an artist and you have the free time to draw it, here's the details...

  • The story is a horror/comedy story
  • It's 8 pages in length
  • Sadly, it's not paid work. For me, either. I'm sure we'll get comp copies to sell off our own backs though and it'll look great in your portfolio! 
  • Deadline at this point isn't really an issue, but the quicker it can be done the better.
  • You don't need to colour your own art, but if you can, great!
  • It will be lettered by Dave Evans (Bolt-01 of FutureQuake Press)
  • It is called the British Showcase but I am willing (and I'm sure my editor is) to work with a non-British artist.

  • If you are still interested at this point, you can contact me via Facebook, Twitter or E-mail.

    I will show the script to anyone showing an interest in doing it.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing the responses!

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