End of Year Report: 2014.

Ok, so first off, both of my stories which I wrote last year (Greed and Other Human Compulsions and Dinner Date) were completed in September of this year. However, due to the page count of this year’s Something Wicked being filled with the work of other creators, mine and Shaun Speight’s Greed and Other Human Compulsions wasn’t included. Which stung a bit at the time. 

It will appear next November in the next edition of Something Wicked. It’s the oldest story I have in my catalogue of small press work and it’s a fine piece of fiction with fantastic art... You’ll see.

A huge thank you always to Shaun Speight because if he hadn't approached me about drawing the story, I may not have developed the ‘fuck this, I’m not waiting for artists to fall into my lap’ mentality that pushed me to find my own artists instead of waiting for the publisher to find them.

This year, Darren Stephens and I had Dinner Date published in Something Wicked #10 this November. My first story in print. I’m very proud of what we achieved with it. it’s still available to buy HERE if you’d like to support me and the rest of the very talent people involved with the book. I’m not sure how many are left, mind you. So I’d secure one for yourself quick sharp.

I will admit, I have been stupidly lazy this year (I blame the fact I was chasing a job that I never got, it gave me a bit of a knock) but I did manage to get four stories written, as well as adding to that little notebook I have ready to unleash upon the world. Three of those stories have been commissioned by editors and are currently being drawn:

Carl Pearce’s on Kron for FutureQuake.

Miguel ‘Ech’ Echemendia is on An Intellectual Era, also for FutureQuake.

Paul Ridgon and Bryony Morey are on The Heathen Masses for Markosia’s British Showcase Anthology Volume II.

The fourth story is currently being looked over by Bolt-01 of FutureQuake Press. When it’s ready, I’ll be looking for an artist for it. So if you’re an artist reading this, keep your eyes peeled on social media for me posting about it.

All of the above things (except the fourth story!) I’ve recently mailed to a COMIC BOOK LEGEND who I’ve been emailing over the last couple of days to see about doing ‘something’... I don’t expect anything to come of it really but I thought I’d try. That’s what it’s all about. Trying and failing. Mostly failing but learning as you do.

Onwards to 2015 now... See you there.

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