Update: 31st January

A panel from In Intellectual Era. 
Art by Miguel Echemendia.
We'll start with some good news...

The artwork for In Intellectual Era has now been completed! Miguel has done a fantastic job on the pages and I think we're all really impressed with the final product. This story will be my first story to be printed in FutureQuake. I'm now sure when that will be just yet, but I'll keep you posted on when it will be coming out...

Now for some bad news...

The Heathen Masses, the eight-page horror comedy tale I wrote for Markosia's British Showcase Anthology Volume 2... has been pulled from publication.

I decided to pull the story myself. I actually pulled it a while ago now, but I just wanted to put it out there in case you were expecting to see it in that book somewhere in the near future. Sometimes things don't work out, this was one of those things.

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the editor, Adam Cheal, for accepting it in the first place. It gave me a big confidence boost and overall, it was a pleasant experience dealing with him. I'd like to thank colourist Bryony Morey (AKA "Nigel") for doing a fantastic job on the page we completed and artist Paul Ridgon for his involvement with the project.

The Heathen Masses is being dealt with.
It will see the light of day eventually.
But for now, mum's the word.
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