UPDATE 25/03/15: Scripts, Artists & Fundraising Fun.

I've been fairly busy since my last update...

Early art from Prison Conditions. By Terrance Whitlow.
The sci-fi story I mentioned last time (called Prison Conditions) has an artist now and his name is Terrance Whitlow. He's a good guy and the last time I spoke to him he was finishing up the roughs for the story. Great stuff so far.

More recently, I've written two more stories which have been accepted. Both horror stories, both four pages in length. It's actually been that long since I updated the blog that the first of those two stories has had the script accepted (at first draft, which was a pleasant surprise!) and has an artist.

That story is called Chivalry Isn't Dead... and the artist for that one is Joe Palmer, who is a damn good artist and will do an excellent job of it. It's a naughty one this story...

The script for the other story I mentioned is waiting to be read and then I'll be after an artist for it.

On a side note, my girlfriend Sarah is using gofundme.com to try and raise money to get to San Diego Comic Con. Please consider giving a little if you can, every little helps! (Click here to donate!)

If you need a little incentive, I would be happy to answer any questions/give you advice about writing comics or getting yourself started making comics in exchange for donations. I'll even throw in my first printed work, Dinner Date (if you want it!). Just mention my name when you donate or contact me to let me know.
Dinner Date... You Know You Want It...
I'll try stay up to date with what I'm doing and posting the updates on here (I say that every time and never have time to do it...)

Until next time, friends!

Check out Joe Palmer's website here
More of Terrance Whitlow's art here.
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