UPDATE: 14th May.

Hello there...
From Chivalry Isn't Dead...
Art by Joe Palmer.

The story I talked about last time I posted here, Chivalry Isn’t Dead… has been completed by artist Joe Palmer. I had no idea Joe had even started drawing it so it was a nice surprise to find an e-mail in my inbox with all four pages attached to it. 

Joe was super-fast (I know he was busy with other things, too) and it looks beautiful. He’s done a great job and I highly recommend following him on all social media platforms, you can find them through his website. The story will appear in Something Wicked at some point, but I'm not sure when...

My other new horror story, The Dabbler & The Creature, has now been approved by FutureQuake and is waiting for an artist. That one is a bit weird. There’s magick and a monster, which is new territory for me and my first ‘monster’ story.

There will be more word on that as it develops.

Anyway, that’s it from me. I've kept it short and sweet, like an Umpa Lumpa who’s fallen in Wonka’s chocolate river.

Take care.
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