Something Wicked #11 - Now Available On ComiXology!

Something Wicked #11.
Cover by Matt Sandbrook.


I have been informed that Something Wicked #11 is now available digitally through digital comic mega monster, ComiXology. This issue features a story I wrote called Greed and Other Human Compulsions with art and lettering by my good man Shaun Speight. 

Art by Shaun Speight.
This is the first issue of Something Wicked to go live on ComiXology, but it won't be the last... The issue is available here and will set you back 69p or 99 cents if you're in North America.

You can also pick up FutureQuake #27 from ComiXology for $1.99/£1.49 if Sci-Fi is more your thing. That one features the story I did with Miguel Echemendia, which got a great review from John Freeman of Click here for that one.

So if you've got a spare three dollars, go and treat yourself to some comics I have work in. And if digital isn't your thing, you can buy physical copies of FutureQuake #27 and Something Wicked #11 directly from the FutureQuake Press shop.

Take it easy and enjoy my stories!

Something Wicked #11 - Now Available On ComiXology! Something Wicked #11 - Now Available On ComiXology! Reviewed by Chris Tresson on 15:00:00 Rating: 5
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