FutureQuake Press @ The Comic Book Shop for Small Press Day!

That's right! I'm taking advantage of the fact that I co-own a comic book shop and I'm hosting the small press publisher that's kind enough to publish my stories for this year's Small Press DayI've been involved with FutureQuake Press for a while now, in fact, it's almost three years since I got my first story past Dave Evans (commissioning editor for FQP, known to most as Bolt-01.)

You might never have heard of them or read any of their anthologies, and that's cool because July 9th is your chance to experience their stuff for the first time! 

That makes me happy because I think they deserve a lot more attention from the British comic reading community. 

Okay, I'm about to try and give you a little information about what FutureQuake Press are right now, so you know who you're dealing with... bear with me.

FutureQuake Press are a small press publisher of anthologies based in Britain but have published work by creators from all over the world. FQP (FutureQuake Press)was started by Arthur Wyatt (he writes loads of stuff for 2000 AD now, he does the comic book sequels to the Dredd movie!), who decided to bundle together a load of Futureshocks (the short stories with twist endings you get in 2000 AD) he'd had rejected and created his own comic called FutureQuake. After a couple of issues, the comic landed in the hands of Richmond Clements and Dave Evans, who have edited it since Wyatt's departure. They also started a horror anthology called Something Wicked to run alongside FutureQuake (which is mainly science fiction) and they put out the 2000 AD fanzine Zarjaz and also the Strontium Dog fanzine Dogbreath

FQP are the top dogs (for me at least!) when it comes to the small press. The books they produce help to showcase work by up and coming writers and artists, which is ace because there's not that many places for new guys to send their stuff... When I say new guys, he's a few creators that you may have heard of who have contributed to FQP anthologies over the years...

Al Ewing (New Avengers, Contest of Champions)
Keith Burns (War Stories, Johnny Red)
Andi Ewington (Six, Exmortis)
Ollie Masters (The Kitchen, Snow Blind)
Will Sliney (Spider-Man 2099)
Cullen Bunn (The Sixth Gun, Deadpool Killogy)
Michael Moreci (Burning Fields, Roche Limit)

They've also had covers from the likes of Declan Shalvey (Injection, Moon Knight), Lee Carter (Sunflower) and Charlie Adlard (The Walking Dead).

So, now you know a little bit more about FutureQuake Press, why not come and join us on July 9th and get yourself some small press goodness? (I may have done a terrible job of explaining there so you can have a look at their Wikipedia page here to fact check, haha.)

If you want to get your comics before the day, you can visit the FutureQuake Shop and have them posted to you ready to bring in on the day.

New issues of FutureQuake (#29) and Zarjaz (#27) are now on sale, too. FutureQuake #29 features a story by myself and Terrance Whitlow called Prison Conditions. Here's a little peek at Terrance's art for that story...

If you're looking for issues that I've contributed to, you'll want FutureQuake #27, Something Wicked #11 and the new FutureQuake #29 (although if you have a copy of the out of print Something Wicked #10, bring that along because I'm in that too!) 

Other than that, I'll see you (hopefully) on July 9th. Bolt-01 will be there with me and it should be a good laugh. Oh, and if you can't make it down on the day, but still want a signed comic, I suggest ordering your copies on the day. We'll sign 'em for you before Bolt posts them out if you want!

If you use Facebook, you can join the event here.

Check out FQP on Twitter and give them a follow whilst your at it!

Take it easy!

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