Coming Soon... The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2

 So, this has been a long time coming but it's nearly upon us. The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2 is ready to go and will be available this November at Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds (5th & 6th November!)

This is my first work to be published by Markosia, and my first work published outside of my usual haunt FutureQuake Press.

I had a pretty torrid time trying to get this to print, the creative team for my story The Heathen Masses changed a number of times whilst trying to get the story completed for the book, but I'm super happy with the team who ended up finishing it with me. Those guys are ace and I just want to say thank you to everyone involved.

In case you're wondering who the team is, here's the creators credit page that comes before our story. Bunch of handsome devils we are.

Click to make it bigger!
The Heathen Masses, the story I wrote for this book, is about a boy who thinks it's a good idea to join a cult he's found on the internet. Things go badly, quickly... And that's all I'm going to say, haha. The story is eight pages long and everyone who's seen it so far loves it, so I'm pretty happy with that.

I've also handed this book to various comic news sites and hopefully we'll be getting some reviews for it shortly... 

Although it isn't on sale until November, I've set up a Big Cartel store so I can take pre-orders on the book. I'll be leaving that up until October 8th (printer cutoff date), so if you want a copy, feel free to order it here. You've got two options there, signed or unsigned. I'm also paying the shipping myself, so you're only paying for the book!

That's all for now, when the reviews start rolling in, I'll set up a post so you can see what critics have to say about the book. 

Until next time,


Coming Soon... The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2 Coming Soon... The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2 Reviewed by Chris Tresson on 15:22:00 Rating: 5
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