Update: 12th September (AKA "The Big One")

Hello there! Long time no see... I have a lot of stuff to tell you so I've broken it all down and I've given everything it's own subheading (professional level.) Let's get this show on the road! Firstly...

You can now get the FutureQuake Summer Special (which is #29 in the series) in digital format through ComiXology for $1.99 in the US or £1.49 in the UK. It’s 96 pages in total, so £1.49/$1.99 is an incredible deal. It contains a four page story called “Prison Conditions” by myself and Terrance Whitlow. If digital isn’t your bag, you can message me for physical copies (we stock FQ in our shop) and that’ll set you back £6 plus postage. I can sign it for you, though… If you’re into that!

I have recently started reviewing comics for Comic Bastards. I figured it would be good motivation for me to stay writing constantly and it also gives me a chance to champion some of the better books on the market. How I ended up there’s a nice little story: I’d just finished reading All-Star Batman #1 and I thought it was garbage. I checked comic review round-up to see how badly it was scoring with critics… To my surprise, it wasn’t. There was only one bad review for that book and it came from Justin Wood at comicbastards.com. I applauded his take down of the book and the fact the site published it. Looking deeper into the site, I saw they had a ‘take no shit’ attitude towards reviewing comics. 

If it’s a bad book, they don’t sugar coat their reviews just to stay in a publisher’s good books. They tell it like it is. And in a world where companies will tell you anything to get your hard-earned cash, we need sites like Comic Bastards. So yeah, I signed myself up and I’ve been telling it like it is for about a month now.

Linking to the paragraph above, I wrote a review on comicbastards.com for Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Kills Everyone. I liked the book and submitted a five-out-of-five review for it. It was published and I moved onto the next book for review. Two days later, Friday night, I get an email from someone claiming to be Todd McFarlane’s personal assistant, asking me for my telephone number. I thought it was a wind-up at first, but upon further inspection (noticing the email address was legit), I sent my telephone number and swiftly got a reply saying something along the lines of, “When’s the best time for Todd to call you?” At this point, I’m literally on the verge of shitting my pants. Todd McFarlane! One of the guys who started Image Comics… The guy who created Spawn… This, in my world, is the equivalent of getting a phone call from Jesus. So we arranged the phone call and I got to speak to Todd. He thanked me for my review and we shot the shit for a bit which was great, I’m super grateful that he took the time to do that. Hoping I get to talk to him face to face one day (in a professional sense.)

I’m entering the Millarworld Talent Search again for the second consecutive year, hoping for a spot in the 2017 Millarworld Annual. Having entered last year, I wrote a Hit-Girl story that got me into the ‘round of 30 or so’ according to Patrick (the guy who read the HG submissions.) Getting that close stung a bit, so this year I feel like I have a point to prove. Though I didn’t win, I feel like I wrote a pretty good story last year and I’m going to be going at it even harder this year because of that.
In a bold move, I put the choice of what I write this year in the hands of my followers on Twitter, haha. The poll is now closed and out of the four options (Huck, Superior, Nemesis and Empress), voters have chosen: Nemesis. This should be a good laugh!

… You’re fucking right they have! Since the subs window closed, I’ve been bashing out 4-pages like there’s no tomorrow. It’s been quite fun, actually. Whether any of them are enough to impress TMO is another matter. I went to the post office at lunch time today to send the first one off, so I’ll just wait to hear back now. From there, I’m just going to be sending new submissions as and when I get a letter back from Tharg. Wish me luck!

British Showcase Anthology Vol.2
… November. I might have two books I'm in out that month. I know for a fact that you’ll be seeing The Heathen Masses, written by myself and drawn by Paul Moore, because The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2 is launching at Thought Bubble in Leeds (which is the 5th & 6th of November this year.)

You may also see Chivalry Isn’t Dead in the next issue of Something Wicked from FutureQuake Press, SW usually comes out around that time. Chivalry Isn’t Dead is my favorite story I’ve written to date. Joe Palmer (the artist for the story) did a great job and the overall experience of creating it was smooth as butter (I finished/got it passed Dave Evans in one draft, Joe was fast as shit drawing it and everything was just easy.) I’m sure I’ll get word on whether I’m in or not closer to the time. I’ll keep you posted.

Well, that’s it from me. This is one hell of a big blog post so I’ll forgive you if you just skimmed it.

I know I've neglected the blog a bit, I try not to. I’m always posting on social media, though. so if you want some more, you can get me on Twitter (@ChrisTresson) and Facebook (facebook.com/christressondotcom)

Thanks for reading! 

Until next time,

Update: 12th September (AKA "The Big One") Update: 12th September (AKA "The Big One") Reviewed by Chris Tresson on 22:21:00 Rating: 5
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