LOOK: Public Domain Comics!

I came across this site when I was looking into the legality of something that had been submitted for review at Comic Bastards… Basically, the submitted book was a collection of old comic strips some Portuguese dude had compiled (and cleaned up, apparently) and he was now selling the book for two dollars digitally. I first realised this was going on when I looked at the first strip and saw the name Alex Toth on it… Which was weird for me, considering Toth has been dead for ten years. 

In the footer of the contents page (the legal shit) it mentioned that all the compiled strips were in the public domain... A-ha!

After a little digging, and I come across a site called Comic Book Plus, which hosts a metric shit ton of public domain comics from the early days of comics. Anyways, I thought I’d share it with you. Partly because it’s cool as hell, partly because I think selling stuff that’s in the public domain for profit is fucking lame.

Check out Comic Book Plus by clicking on the copy of Catholic Comics right there, or to jump to my favourite section (HORROR) click on the cover for Beware #13. There's some crackin' stuff on there... Happy viewing!

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