The Sunday Morning Report 16/10

Holy shit! I’ve made it back for another edition of The Sunday Morning Report!

Here’s what’s been happening this week…

This week, I found out that The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2, a trade paperback anthology I have a story in (with artist Paul Moore, colourist Adam Brown and letterer Rob Jones), is available to pre-order on Amazon (available to buy from 7th November!) And then I dug a little deeper and found more online retailers where the book is/will be available. Here’s the list of every retailer I’ve found that has it listed:

*In the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and the United States of America. (That’s not every Amazon site which is weird, but I’m sure it’ll be available in other places sooner or later.)

I’m absolutely blown away. I think it’s crazy that you’ll be able to get it from stores like Barnes & Noble in the US and Waterstone’s in the UK (the biggest book retailer on the high street in the UK.) It’s awesome that something that has my name in it (and a rather fetching photo, too) has that kind of reach. The more people who can actually buy it, the better. It’s not a monetary thing when I say that either, because if you aren’t buying it from me, I’m not getting any money out of it being sold. I just want the book in people’s hands. That’s all I’ve ever wanted when it comes to writing comics. I want you to read something I’ve written and be like, “Yeah, it’s pretty good actually.” That’s what I get a kick out of the most.

Speaking of people saying nice things about my work, I handed the two stories I’ve got in anthologies for this year’s Thought Bubble out to some people whose opinions I respect, just to try and get a grasp of what people on a professional level of comic creating think about the stories I’ve made with my artist pals… I’ve not had any bad words about ‘em yet, which is really cool. I’m just waiting to see what reviewers will say now. I don’t mind either way as long as there are some reviews.

Yeah… This stung a bit. Not so much because I lost the artist, I’m no stranger to having artists drop stories… It’s more the fact that it’s taken two years for it to happen. I had mentioned on several occasions to the editor that this story wasn’t going to get drawn by the artist it had attached to it and it might be best to find another artist for it. I myself didn’t want to bring it up with the artist because over the course of the two years, we’ve got on pretty well and there was always a little bit of hope there that he’d get it done. Alas, this wasn’t the case. And there’s no hard feelings there, I still like the guy and I know he’s a busy guy, he has other work to do, and it’s all work he gets paid to do. Like I said, it’s taken two years to get to this point and it shouldn’t have. That’s the only gripe I have with the situation.

It’s not all black clouds, though. As soon as I found out that this story was free for another artist to draw, I put out a tweet to see if there was any interest in drawing it. The response was great, and I had a flashback to the first time I ever put anything out about working with me and having it get zero response. I’ve been talking to an artist that I’ve tried to team up with for stories on more than one occasion about doing it and with his deadlines permitting, it should actually go ahead.
Which is great news. I really like this guy’s style of drawing, and I think it will be a great fit for the story. The first time I ever tried to work with him, I’d been talking to PJ Holden about artists and who I should try to talk to because I needed an artist fast and it had to be someone who could get the story done fast (this was the last time I had an artist drop out of something funnily enough… The first go around with The British Showcase Anthology Volume 2!) PJ suggested this guy to me and we began to talk but I think he had something already planned for BSAV2 and that’s why we never did it… Anyways, I hope it goes ahead because it’ll be ace.
I reviewed The Lost Boys and James Bond: Hammerhead over on Comic Bastards this week. I felt like I got a bit of a tongue lashing from a creator because my review contained spoilers. Which prompted a big conversation between me and some of the other guys from Comic Bastards about who’s reading reviews… There was also a bit of sub-tweeting between me and this creator, but fuck it. Water off a duck’s back. I just won’t be reviewing anymore of his work to spare myself the hassle… Weird that I went from getting a phone call from one of the industry’s most influential creators for a good review to getting an earful about spoiling issues (when it was also a quite positive review…)

C'est la vie, connasse!
I’ve mostly read that NOFX book I was talking about last week, I’m about halfway through it now and I’m really enjoying it. I’m learning a lot from it, haha. I also decided I’d start forcing myself to read 10 comics a day until my backlog has been cleared (I think that was on Thursday) and I’ve read a grand total of 2 comics since then… I’ve learnt that you cannot force yourself to read books, you have to want to do it or your brain will just wander off as soon as you pick up a book. I can’t even remember what I read which is really bad. I’ve still got a lot of great series here to read (well, the first issues were good, I’m assuming the rest is good) piled up next to me right now are the 8 of 10 comics I planned to read, so once I’ve finished this blog post, I may dive into them... Or I may not.
I got on with watching a few more episodes of Luke Cage this week. It’s pretty good. I’m about six episodes in and it’s probably tied with Daredevil’s first series for me right now. The only other thing I can think of that I watched were The Apprentice and Still Game on the BBC… Both on par for hilarity as those ‘business people’ on The Apprentice are ridiculously useless. How any of them are on it is beyond me…
I’ve managed to finish a 1st draft of the Nemesis script I’m doing for the Millarworld Annual Competition. It currently looks and reads like shit but that’ll turn around (hopefully) when I come to redraft it on Monday… I realized I didn’t have all that much time left to do it, so I’ve panicked a bit more over this than I should’ve. I’m still not entirely sure what the deadline is (I think it’s 30th November…) It’ll be done soon enough anyway.

I think that’s about it for another week… That’s all the shit I can remember/is worth talking about… Come back next week and I’ll fill you in on everything that’s been happening!

See ya! 

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