The Sunday Morning Report 30/10

Welcome to a new edition of The Sunday Morning Report AKA “The One That Nearly Didn’t Happen Because I’m Absolutely Knackered.” I’m writing this introduction minutes before this goes live (I usually write this thing on a Saturday night with notes/reminders that I’ve done throughout the week), so if it reads like shit, I apologize. Here it is anyways…
I haven’t read all that much this week to be honest with you… One thing I did read was Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s new Image comic, God Country, and I can’t really say much else because I’m reviewing it for Comic Bastards. I’ve read a few indie titles, too, and I might bang a couple of reviews out for those because there’s cock all that’s good left to review on the CB call sheet for next week.
Obviously, I watched The Walking Dead. I was in a rush when I decided to watch it (I watched it in the morning before I went to work), so I initially was only going to watch up to when the person who got the bat got the bat. I remember saying, “What a fucking cop out!” out loud when Abraham got it. I left it playing until I had to leave the house and it’s a good job I did, haha. I was pretty happy with the episode overall and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s different from the comic going forward… I also finished off Luke Cage, which was great. Still thing the first season of Daredevil is my favorite Marvel TV show, though. Mainly because I love Daredevil and it was exactly what I wanted to see in a TV show about Daredevil… No puns intended.
Aha! These made my week. There were three reviews put out by three different sites this week for two different books I have work in. The first was FutureQuake #29 AKA FutureQuake Summer 2016, reviewed by Dustin Cabeal over on Comic Bastards (HERE), the second was Markosia’s British Showcase Anthology Volume 2, reviewed by Kieron Moore for Starburst Magazine (HERE) and the third was by Glenn Miller on (HERE.) The third is mostly negative but it’s a fucking review, right? I’m just happy to have ‘em regardless. I know most people won’t share negative reviews and as I was writing this I just happened to do a quick Google search to make sure no one else had reviewed it, and I found that one. I don’t know Glenn Miller but I appreciate his honesty and from viewing his personal blog, I wish him a speedy recovery from his neck cancer (providing it’s not terminal/he’s still got neck cancer.)
It’s always important to remember that these are the opinions of individuals (remember that when you read my Comic Bastards reviews too as we’re all very different in our tastes and can disagree on books often.) Whether it’s a positive or a negative review, the important thing is that you go and pick up the book and form your own opinion…
Next weekend is the comic con bit of Thought Bubble Festival (it runs all week but the comic con is on the Saturday and Sunday) and I will be in attendance on the Saturday with my son, Damian. I booked my train tickets and got my TB ticket on Friday. I’m looking forward to seeing a few guys I know there and also visiting the Markosia table (table 114 in the New Dock Hall) and the FutureQuake Press table (table 87 in the New Dock Hall) where they will be selling The British Showcase Anthology and the latest issue of Something Wicked… I’m really looking forward to this. It’s my third Thought Bubble that I’ve had a book launching at and I always like to go and see how they’re selling. If you pick up either book, hit me up on Twitter or something and I’ll come and sign it for you, haha. I’ll have my Sharpies with me (and maybe my Something Wicked collaborator Joe Palmer with me at some point!)

I’ve finally got my arse in gear and I’m getting this Millarworld story finished. I printed it out on paper for editing (which I like to do before I re-draft) and I’ve been going through it periodically, making it cleaner and tighter. I’ve also revisited some pitches that I have lying around and I’ve been adding extra layers to the stories. Mainly because I’ve been on a high about getting reviews, haha. I’ve also had to reformat a FutureQuake script from a PDF to a word doc which is a pain in the arse to do, but I’m doing it. I might have to have a look at some of the dialogue in it, though. I think I can do it better than I did two years ago (when I originally wrote it.)

Well, that’s it for another Sunday Morning Report. I may skip next Sunday’s depending on how knackered I am from traipsing around Leeds all day Saturday. We’ll have to wait and see!

Until next time, take it easy.   
The Sunday Morning Report 30/10 The Sunday Morning Report 30/10 Reviewed by Chris Tresson on 11:06:00 Rating: 5
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