The Sunday Morning Report 13/11

After taking a week out due to Thought Bubble being on last weekend, I’m back with another edition of The Sunday Morning Report. Here we go...

I’ve mostly (probably the same as the rest of the world) been reading about the US presidential election. Shit has been crazy so far… I read a lot of Alex Jones’ Info Wars in the run up and he was really hammering Hillary with this blood magick pedophilia thing that he got hooked on because of a performance artist who likes weird shit. He was saying some pretty damning things about her and I’m sure all of the cranks were eating it up, hence the Trump win (not the only factor I’m sure.) Some of the shit Jones says seems to be credible but then the man starts banging on about God and I tune out… I got volume two and three of One Punch Man, too, but I’ve only managed a couple of pages so far because I can’t really be arsed. Comic book-wise, I read James Bond: Hammerhead #2 and Batman/TMNT Adventures #1 because I had to review them for Comic Bastards (you can find them on the site now.) I also read the winter edition of FutureQuake, Moonshine #2 and Tom Ward and Luke Parker’s Treves: A Restless Night, which I’ll be reviewing this week.

I’ve finished my Nemesis script for the Millarworld Talent Search but I keep going back to it and changing a few things here and there… I’m trying to make it bombproof before I have to send it in. It’s not going all that well to be honest.Because it’s pretty much finished, I’m finding it hard to go back into it and change anything, just in case I push it too far and make more problems for myself. I’ve pretty much got two weeks to sort it out before I can’t fiddle with it anymore so I’m trying to take it easy.

I’ve also revisited some pitches I’ve written this week. I’m not expecting to do anything with them any time soon but I’d like them to be ready for when I can use them… I started a crowdfunding thing on Indiegogo’s Generosity to try and get myself in a position where I can use them. I’m getting increasingly disheartened by the fact I’m dirty poor and can’t make comics because of it. You might find that hard to believe given the fact I co-own a comic book shop (or you may not if you know the business) but all my money is tied up in that. Plus kid and girlfriend and real life, etc. If you’re feeling generous, head over to that page, I’d really appreciate it. Someone already put some money towards it, so this is my most successful crowdfunding effort to date and I nearly cried when the site emailed me to say there was a donation.

Money isn’t the main reason I started it, it’s more for my mental health than anything. I have a need to create things and I can’t… I feel trapped and I'm not trying to be dramatic, I'm trying to be honest. If I could do it by myself I would but I need others to help me.

Gah, after writing that, I'm cutting this short. I’m done with this one.

Until next time.
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