The Sunday Morning Report: 20/11

Sunday! Shit that has happened during the week! Let's go!

I’ve been reading mostly superhero books this week, trying to clear the backlog I have… A bit of Spider-Man, Batgirl and The Dark Knight III. Superhero comics aren’t getting any better really, are they?
I’m done with my Nemesis script; I printed it and ran through the panels: fine. I printed it again and ran through the dialogue: fine. I’ve just remembered whilst typing this that I’m not done, because I haven’t given it a title, haha. I’m still pretty unsure as to how it’ll go over with whoever’s judging them and I don’t think I’ve ever been this unsure with a script but I guess I’ll have to wait and see. It’s technically sound at the very least, so even if they hate it, at least it looks nice… haha.

I had a pretty good idea for a story last night whilst trying to go to sleep, so once I know I can’t mess with that Millarworld script anymore (I’ll mess with it, I know me too well), I’m going to expand on it a little bit and see what kind of a story I can get out of it.

I went to watch Doctor Strange on Friday night and I really enjoyed it. I think it might be my favourite Marvel movie to date. Strange is my second favourite Marvel character and has been for a good long while, so it was great to see him up on the big screen and seeing it done so well made me happy. Benedict Cumberbatch was great, the whole cast was great and if you haven’t seen it yet I do recommend going to watch it.

I also tried to watch Officer Downe went I got in from the cinema but I fell asleep towards the end. I liked what I saw of it and my friend had actually messaged me when I sat down to watch it to tell me to bring him the copy of it from the comic book shop. That book has been there since the trailer came out (I ordered it in because I thought people would be interested to read it before the movie came out… I was wrong.)

This book has been reviewed on Pipedream comics this week by Jay Brown. Nice little review from him and it’s always nice to get a mention. In all honesty though, I have no idea what this book is selling like right now and I don’t suppose I really care. Yeah, it’s got a story in it that I wrote, but I’m not getting anything on the backend for it. I wasn’t even sent a comp copy of it and the thing isn’t even on the Markosia site (and wasn’t before they fucked their website.) It’s a weird one. I would’ve thought they’d a least promote it themselves so when it sold they got their cut of the profits… Nevermind. 

The excitement of being printed in books has worn off, ladies and gentlemen. I'm done with not being paid for my work which means I'm done with doing small press work for other people. Whatever's out there (and actually manages to get completed) will be my last work in the small press.

I'll probably expand on this at some point because it's something that has really fucked me off and I'm ready to let it out.

That’s it for another week, if you feel like giving me money so that I can make comics; you’re more than welcome to! Click the SUPPORT image in the top right-hand corner and give what you can, or just share the page with your friends! Any sort of help is appreciated!

See you next week!
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