The Sunday Morning Report (18th December)

Well, it was inevitable really. This is the first Sunday Morning Report for a good couple of weeks now, and I knew at some point I was going to mess up on posting regularly. Stuff has been happening but I just haven’t managed to get myself to write one of these up to now. Plus, we’re getting pretty close to the end of the year and I usually do an end of year report, so I’ve been trying to wrap my head around what’s going to be in that… This is what I’ve been up to this week anyways…

I’m making a pretty good dint in the comics backlog and have been over the last couple of days. There’s no way I’m going to be absolutely clear of everything for a while but I’m making progress… Sometimes I find it a bit daunting looking at the amount of stuff I have sitting here and just try my best to ignore it. I read bits and bobs of new stuff only because I have to for Comic Bastards reviews but other than that I’m pretty far behind with some stuff. I haven’t been picking up any new Marvel stuff, though, so the pile hasn’t been going up as much as it would’ve been. I’ll get there, it’s just going to take a couple of weeks of really hitting it hard and clearing it out.

I’m in a bit of a rut at the moment… I’ve mainly been writing reviews and just taking notes for comic projects which I’m not sure will ever see the light of day (I get like this from time to time, I still write it all down, though.) I’m waiting right now for the end of the Millarworld competition I entered and I have a horrible feeling I’m going to be done out of winning it again this year… I think my story turned out okay, if it doesn’t win, I’ll post a link to the script in the end of year report. I might also post the Cyberforce story I did for the Top Cow Talent Hunt (if it was this year I entered? I haven’t a clue when that was…)

I’ve written four reviews this week— actually, that’s a lie, I’ve written three but have one that I wrote a couple of weeks ago that didn’t get posted because the book was delayed… Look out for those on on Wednesday (21st.)

I’m still waiting to hear back from 2000 AD about my Futureshock submission, too. It’s been quite a while since I sent it and the fact it hasn’t come back yet has really put a spanner in the works for me. I was going to send a load of them in before they shut their submissions again but it looks like I’ll be lucky to get two in. That’s out of my hands, though, so there’s no use complaining about it, haha.

I can’t think of anything else to write here, I can’t remember anything happening worth mentioning. I have December brain, so I think I’ll end it right here.

Take it easy, and I’ll try and get another one of these out before the end of the year… If not, I definitely be doing the end of year report. I never miss that one.
The Sunday Morning Report (18th December) The Sunday Morning Report (18th December) Reviewed by Chris Tresson on 09:19:00 Rating: 5
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